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About Me

“Yes, we can do that.”

Whether you’re a producer, director, talent or engineer, that’s the phrase you’ll hear from me most often. I make it my job to make your job easier — whether it’s building a single-button-push solution for a complex production task or creating an automated system testing sequence for engineering.

Over time, I've proven to be an asset to production teams looking to expand their video technology and capabilities. One of my specialties is being the liaison between creative production and technical engineering teams.

I've got an extensive background in live and recorded shows, as well as commercial video production environments. I've worn virtually every hat in the process — whether it’s as a technical director, editor, animator, graphics designer or even voiceover talent.

My deep understanding of the creative process, coupled with my ability to quickly master new technology, makes me a uniquely valuable contributor in any production setting. I work closely with producers, directors, and talent to understand the big picture and leverage every ounce of available technology to meet or exceed their expectations.

If you're looking for a creative production specialist with an expertise in complex technical projects, let's connect!

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