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Rex Colby

Director | Technical Director | Videographer | Editor




About Me

“Yes, we can do that.”

Whether you’re a producer, director, talent or engineer, that’s the phrase you’ll hear from me most often. I make it my job to make your job easier — whether it’s building a single-button-push solution for a complex production task or creating an automated system testing sequence for engineering.

Over time, I've proven to be an asset to production teams looking to expand their video technology and capabilities. One of my specialties is being the liaison between creative production and technical engineering teams.

I have an extensive background in live and recorded shows, as well as commercial video production environments. I've worn virtually every hat in the process — whether it’s as a director, technical director, editor, animator, graphics designer or even voiceover talent.

My deep understanding of the creative process, coupled with my ability to quickly master new technology, makes me a uniquely valuable contributor in any production setting. I work closely with producers, directors, and talent to understand the big picture and leverage every ounce of available technology to meet or exceed their expectations.

If you're looking for a creative production specialist with an expertise in complex technical projects, let's connect!

Work Experience

1994 - present

WFTS-TV (Scripps, ABC affiliate), Tampa, FL
Senior Technical Director

Proactively managed complex technical projects from inception to execution, collaborating with management to align with corporate and station objectives. Conducted comprehensive technical analyses to enable informed purchase decisions — including details on cost, quality, and efficiency trade-offs. Skillfully punched automated newscasts, live events and recorded shows. Demonstrated a commitment to excellence during intense, ever-changing news situations such as hurricanes, flooding, elections and other breaking news.

Successfully led and executed station-wide technical evolutions over the years.


  • Analog to Digital

    • Transitioned the station to an all-digital facility. Selected by management to research and identify the optimal digital switcher from an operator's perspective, culminating in an on-site meeting at Philips in Germany.

    • Handpicked by Philips to demonstrate the DD35 switcher at National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention for five years.

    • Received manufacturers’ training on all new digital equipment and trained station’s production team.

  • Standard Definition (SD) to High Definition (HD)

    • Transitioned station into an HD facility.

    • Received manufacturers’ training on all new HD equipment and subsequently trained station’s production team.

  • Grass Valley Ignite Automation
    Sony ELC Automation

    • Excelled as superuser of complex automation systems, subsequently training new team members.

    • Led the building and programming of automation systems, received manufacturers' training, and tailored systems to meet Director needs and requirements. Managed ongoing build-outs for seamless integration of equipment changes and upgrades.​

Championed and led the charge for ensuring quality audio for musical guests. Set up and mixed complex audio for all musical performances — managing microphones, amplifiers, stage monitors, and instrument connections to mixer.

Partnered with set designer to construct a visually engaging and structurally sound morning show set.


Convention News Television (CNTV), Remote
Freelance Production Specialist

  • Created digital video content, including graphics and animations, for national and international conventions, enhancing the experience for attendees and clients.

  • Collaborated with a team of video producers to meet strict deadlines and deliver high-quality, cost-effective video production to maximize value for clients.

  • Voiced and recorded audio tracks to effectively communicate clients' messages to their target audiences.

  • Contributed to the "wow factor" by designing customized graphics that showcased clients' brands, elevating the overall visual appeal of event videos.

  • Excelled at working with limited direction and resources, demonstrating exceptional creativity and resourcefulness.


Technical and Training Lead 

Leave of absence from WFTS
Demonstrated switcher capabilities and benefits during sales visits, contributing to successful lead closures. Trained new customers on switcher operation. Delivered complex training to high-profile clients, including Fox News, The Weather Channel, NASA and major networks. Contributed to the DD35 switcher operations manual.


KOLO-TV (ABC affiliate), Reno, NV

Commercial Producer/Director/Editor
Newscast Technical Director/Director

  • Produced, directed, and edited various commercial, sales, and public affairs projects.

  • Conducted thorough research, testing and evaluation of equipment as a key decision-maker on new components such as switchers, editors, character generators, studio and field cameras.

  • Led technical planning, troubleshooting and execution for intensive live remote events such as annual MDA and CMNT telethons. Included set up of multi-camera television system with video playback, switchers, character generators, audio, remote links, communications and operation of equipment during events.


Acting Production Manager


Video Engineer


Armed Forces Radio & Television Service, Okinawa, Japan

Department of the Navy Civilian, GS3 Rank


Director / Technical Director

Videotape Editor

Lighting & Audio Technician

Studio Camera Operator

Switchers & Software



Grass Valley




Central Dynamics



Adobe After Effects

Adobe Photoshop

Final Cut Pro


Regional Emmy: Best Newscast

Employee of the Quarter (WFTS)

Golden Mic (AFRTS)

My Work

My Work

See a small sampling of my broadcast, creative and freelance work.

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